The Cabin

This was the home that started my business. It was my cabin on Lake Erie located in Conneaut, Ohio. I lived there for one year as a single man and then married my wife, Debbie, and we lived there for one more year. My job as a teacher got cut due to funding. So before we left I sculpted my cabin to keep alive the memories Debbie and I had there. I met a lot of new people and made many new friends. I have fond memories of watching the sunsets over Lake Erie. It seemed like every day I would come home the water was a different shade of color, from greys to blues to greens. When Debbie asked what happened to the cabin I told her that it had blown up in the kiln. I later gave it to her as a birthday gift. She cried when she opened it up. She said “our first home together.” I said “ya I know I lied to you but I knew you would understand when you saw it.”